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yeah kinda late interesting stuff, i'm filming a movie with a few friends of mine that we wrote, and we have this scene where four or five thugs come up and beat the living shit out of me...well i was thinking quickly trying to figure out what group of guys would be perfect, when it hit me, why not have holiday just royally kick my ass?

it worked great. fake blood everywhere and dom kicked me sooo hard in the back. rj stomped my head, and steve threw me onto the hood of my car. drummersteve slapped my face and c-man...i dont know, but i hurt all over.

funny part is, the first day was too dark so we had to RE SHOOT it the next day. yeah. major suck,

and i have a fucking vendetta with those bishes. damn. i dont ever really talk about holiday that much cause they're my friends, but take it from me, if you are a band who likes to fight, do nooot start one with these guys. they will smear your ass all over the pavement.
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