le trappe de pigeon (enemy_airship) wrote in holiday_band,
le trappe de pigeon

in the central valley this friday march 12th?
then come on down to ceres this march 12th for a fun filled festival of ceres bands! itll be swell!
you know you want to go. and, and, and its FREE! how kick ass is that?

when? friday march 12th.
what time? 7.
what bands? broken arms, nein lifes, the wines revisit, and the spooks.
where? 4306 Esmar road in Ceres. (map quest it.)
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Did you know there's another band called holiday. in RI? They really rock. You should check them out. www.holidaytheband.com
there's also the LJ community holidaytheband

are you in the band?